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Digital Workplace Management

Our user persona focused approach entails that we concentrate on customer experience and not just the process to keep your business pulsating

Digital Workplace Management

Digital Workplace Management

The workplace is evolving quickly. With increasing flexible work practices, more organizations are endeavoring to run high-performing atmospheres that produce a sense of community. Our Workplace Management Service takes the traditional Facilities Management practices to an advanced level of proficiency. Our service-oriented and user-focused approach entails that we concentrate on the customers and not just the procedure to keep your business pulsating.

We support and manage the entire workplace environment of organizations including all platforms, devices, and end-user experiences. Our IT support services help you improve end-user productivity and satisfaction by ensuring that your employees have smooth access to the applications and information they need. With an efficient end-user service program in place, the IT professionals in an organization are free to focus on larger business objectives rather than getting engaged in workplace management. Associating with Progressive provides a management backbone to your entire workplace, as well as, to your end-users. The workplace management team of Progressive delivers responsive, customer-centered services to help your business meet the needs and demands of a budding workplace.

Our Offerings

End-user Experience Management:

We provide a wide-ranging and custom portfolio of transformational end-user services to craft a next-gen ecosystem for your organization and match you up with the enterprise-wide competitive level. We proactively manage the ongoing evolution of your entire workplace across all platforms, mobile devices, and end-user expectations. We help you create a more productive, mobile workforce through the modular approach and secure technologies. We offer services that are tailored to your business goals; from device management to managed backup & restore, desktop support to customer virtualization, and thereby enhancing end-user experience.

MDM (Mobile Device Management):

We cater to the critical need of mobile device management across organizations- by consulting, designing, implementing, and integrating mobile devices with their users’ environment.

Our service ensures productive utilization of mobile devices in your corporate environment aiming at:

  • secure data transmissions
  • centralized management of mobile devices & applications
  • cost-effective management of network profiles like VPN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.
  • 24×7 monitoring and tracking of mobile devices with technical supporting
Digital Workplace/Office:

Our next-gen workplace management services help you transform your traditional workplace environment to a digital one, empowering your workforce to work together as a team and solve problems effectively.

We re-invent your existing working environment by providing and managing access to the cloud-based instant messaging and collaboration tools that foster productivity. Our team delivers solutions for your workforce that cater to your most important communications.

We offer services for the following messaging and collaboration applications that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

Best-in-class apps with powerful cloud services, Office 365 lets anyone create and collaborate anywhere on any device.

All you need to do your business, together in one package that works seamlessly.

Workplace by Facebook connects everyone to familiar features and their favorite business tools.

Workplace Services:

Now, get your conferences, boardrooms, and meeting rooms managed by our top-notch professionals. From your small-scale executive meetings to large international summits, we plan, organize, and execute them in the most efficient manner. We help you lead and take control of all your in-house, as well as, client site conferences.
We embrace:

  • New Employee Setup
  • Conference, Boardroom, Meeting Room Facilities